25-26th October

Deadline for registration: Closed

Deadline for abstract submissions: Closed

On behalf of the Prion 2018 Congress Local Organizing Committee, Scientific Committee and Prionet Spain, we heartily invite you to join us in Laguardia for the 7th Iberian Prion conference. The Iberian Prion conferences aim at bringing together all prion researchers in the Iberian peninsula to discuss the latest discoveries in the field, network, establish and rein

force collaborations…So, you are not from Spain or Portugal? Do not worry: from its inception the Iberian Prion conferences have welcome colleagues from beyond the Pyrenees who like coming either because they have collaborations with us or just because they enjoy the atmosphere of a small, intense, focused meeting in which interactions are very easy; something, to some extent, in the spirit of the Keystone and similar meetings. These conferences are also a fantastic place for graduate students and early postdocs to present their work in a rigorous academic setting, which nevertheless, is more “friendly”.

The recent Prion 2018 meeting held in Santiago de Compostela has left a lot of exciting issues on the table. Should we brace for a “mad deer” crisis in Europe? Will European CWD be contained in Scandinavia or will it spread throughout Europe? When will it reach Southern Europe…? Are we definitively sure that it is not transmissible to humans? Which is its origin and why is it different to North American CWD…? And what about the camels, of which we have plenty in the Canary Islands…? What happens if we add in sheep and cattle, with their atypical, apparently enzootic prion diseases to the equation…?

Moving on to the human disease, it looks like for the first time we are working seriously to find a therapy; some of the Spanish groups (and friends) are working on this. Any news…?

And also exciting novelties in our quest to understand the structure (or is it structures?) of PrPSc in detail and with it, to understand all we had wanted to know about prion propagation: strains, barriers…

And finally, Aβ, tau, α-synuclein prions…Yes, after the round table in Santiago, they are officially prions: 50% of the audience voted they are, and the “quality” opinion of the experts in the table, who unanimously agreed they are, definitively tilts the balance. Or not…?

The Iberian Prion conferences have been historically held in some of the most beautiful and exciting locations in Spain and Portugal: Santiago de Compostela, Faro, Zaragoza, Lisbon, Barcelona, Cordoba…This year it will take place in a really remarkable place: Laguardia. Laguardia is an enchanted medieval town surrounded by vineyards not far from Bilbao. For those of you who are not from Spain (Spaniards do not need any publicity because we know what we are talking about), imagine Napa but transfixed into medieval architecture. And with Spanish fun. And Basque cuisine…Taking advantage of this, the Local Organizing Committee has planned some social activities that will be a great complement to the very interesting scientific program. And yes, it will include a wine –tasting competition, where Spaniards and Portuguese, and our German, Italian, British…friends, will perhaps challenge the French contingent for a revenge on recent events…

So, we look forward to seeing you in Laguardia!

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