25th October

18:30 – Guided visit to the outstanding polychrome stone portico

As the perfect ending to the first day in Laguardia, we will have the opportunity of attending a detailed explanation of the extremely well-preserved polychrome stone portico of Santa María de los Reyes (gothic, 14th century).

19:00 – Guided visit to the village of Laguardia 

After the unforgettable visit to Santa María de los Reyes, we will be guided through the historical milestones of Laguardia: Abacial tower, Celtiberic cistern, “El collao”, underground wineries, and other historical milestones. A history that goes from the Iron Ages through the middle ages to the present.

26th October

18:30 – Wine tasting (friendly) competition

We will experience the local wine production from fresh whites to young reds to deep reds aged in oak barrels. After the tasting we will show our knowledge in a blind competition, for the sake of it.

A guided visit to the wine museum will be also included where we will learn the secrets of its elaboration. And finally, we will enjoy a 4D film experience with the projection of “In the land of dreams”.

21:00 – Congress dinner

For those who decide stay in Laguardia until Saturday morning (strongly recommended), we will visit a typical underground winery where we will be entertained by the incarnation of Félix de Samaniego himself. Right after, an informal dinner will be served in this outstanding environment with the local wine as a star.