Welcome to Laguardia!

The old medieval town of Laguardia receives the visitor perched atop a hill overlooking the Ebro valley that can be seen from afar. Once you arrive, it is easy to understand the name: Laguardia, formerly La Guarda, “the Keeper”, used to be a vantage point in the Middle Ages.

Located in the frontier, watching enemies approach and keeping them at bay was the main role the village played for years. But the area has been attracting visitors way before that, as some important Neolitic remains can attest. The ancient settlement of La Hoya, dating from the IV century BC and some dolmens. But now the war and conquest days are behind and the welcoming village has a lot more to offer than ancient history.

You will undoubtly find the old days in the medieval layout, the old gates opened in the protective walls, the celtiberian cistern and the outstanding polychromed stone portico of Santa María de los Reyes (the main church and fortress temple with a bell tower that used to be an observation tower). But nowadays Laguardia is the city of wine.

The colour of the landscapes, its history and the life of its people keep a very close relationship with it; a proof of this is its vast wine production (about 12 million litres yearly).

We are in the DOCa Rioja. High quality Rioja wines are produced here thanks to abundant vineyards that grow in the fertile soil of the Ebro valley. Dozens of wineries surround us, many of them producing award-winning world-acclaimed red wines for you to enjoy.

This is a place where you can live the good life: great climate, beautiful surroundings, nice dining, good wines.  What else can you ask for?