Villa Lucia is an innovative and amazing thematic centre designed to enjoy and taste the wine culture. Located in Laguardia, in the middle of the “Rioja Alavesa”, and accompanied by a classical design, Villa Lucia recreates the popular and most traditional winery architecture.

Villa Lucia will make this scientific congress unforgettable. To achieve this, the facilities offer a broad variety of services, including a museum, a grill restaurant, a winery and several meeting lounges. These rooms are fully equipped to develop our scientific meeting and to discuss about prions in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

However, our stay in Laguardia will also provide an exceptional opportunity for leisure. For that, Villa Lucia offers plenty of possibilities: a vast field where you can follow the footsteps of the local fabulist Samaniego, or taking a rest while walking through a botanical garden with exotic flowers and hearing the relaxing sound of the natural waterfalls in the park. If you prefer a quieter option, you can visit a select library specialized in wine, where you will learn the most interesting secrets about this local drink.

To know wine is to love it, so we will test our newly acquired knowledge by tasting some of the best wines from all around the world that Villa Lucia offers. This wine tasting is accompanied by a fantastic selection of local food that gather all culinary specialties of the region.

Summing up, Villa Lucia arises as the perfect meeting point for the 7th Prion Iberian Congress due to its perfect mixture of tradition and modernity. Such working environment is unique so, what are you waiting for to join us?